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You have chosen The form of your destruction !

Cute pillow pose

Don't let the cuteness fool you.  I am a vicious killer.

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My baby picture.

Click here to see my old resume.

Some of my hobbies

Sun bathing Working out
Sun Bathing Working out.
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I am REALLY into computers.
Modeling, watch me work it!
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Checking printer paper supply.
Inspecting my slaves workmanship
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Relaxing and designing this site.
But I value my private life, so PLEASE no more pictures!


Beware cats in formation!



Some unimportant links

Here are links to the websites of the people I live with, you can go to them if you are bored enough.

Margret's website (She's the sucker, will always fall for the cute eyes and the pitiful meow.]

Run2Far fitness, my current residence, where I work as a greeter.


Some important links

Join the revolution!

If your human tries to declaw you, here is a place for replacement parts.

The humiliating video of the torture which I endure.


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